Non adherent exit-site antiseptic silver dressings



EXIT-PAD® AG is a non adherent silver ions based dressing designed to allow the catheter positioning.

Intended Use

Dressing of the points of insertion of intravascular devices. To be used as a mechanical barrier for compression and absorption of exudates. Compatible with all types of standard catheter use.


The silver-based layer has an immediate and long term antibacterial action, helping to reduce the risk of local infection of the exit-site, of the tunnel or systemic (catheter-correlated sepsis) related to the use of intravascular devices. It reduces the signs of inflammation and promotes tissue repair, while preventing irritation caused by the mechanical rubbing of the catheter over the skin.

Available Models

* Y-CUT model is suitable for PICC line catheters

Directions for use

  1. Disinfect the exit-site (avoiding iodine based disinfectants) and let it completely dry.
  2. Place Exit-Pad® AG at the catheter exit-site and hold in place with a plaster or a sterile semi-permeable breathable dressing.
  3. Change Exit-Pad® AG as per hospital protocol, preferably once per procedure, or whenever it gets wet, dirty or a site inspection is needed.

Available Models

* Do not use silver dressings on patients sensitive to silver

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