Antiseptic breathable adhesive dressing provided with nonadherent ionic silver based pad


Fistula pad provided with silver ion-releasing anti-adherent film. Set on breathable hypoallergenic non-woven plaster (NW) or waterproof polyurethane membrane (PU).

Intended Use

Compressive haemostatic action, specific for post-dialysis arteriovenous access care to be used after the removal of fistula needles. Particularly suitable for the dressing of arteriovenous fistulas managed with the method of button-hole.


  • Reduces the risk of the arteriovenous fistula infection thanks to the presence of the silver based film with long-term and immediate antibacterial action.
  • Reduces signs of inflammation associated with repeated venepuncture of the AVF.
  • Prevents eschar formation as the tissue does not dry and become adherent to the wound, making it less traumatic for the patient at the next venepuncture.
  • The waterproof adhesive model protects the fistula from contact with water during patient’s hygiene routine.

 Available Models

* Do not use silver dressings on patients sensitive to silver

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