Needlefree Connector

Designed to help protect your patient’s catheters from contamination and increased risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) during haemodialysis and apheresis applications

Creating a closed system to help enhance patient safety

The Tego™ Needlefree connector help to protect your patients’ haemodialysis catheters by creating a closed system when attached to the hub of a catheter to minimize contamination and help reduce the risk of CRBSIs.

Tego™ is intended for use as an accessory to a vascular access device (catheter) used in haemodialysis and apheresis applications or as an accessory to an intravascular administration set for the administration or withdrawal of fluids to a patient through a cannula or needle placed in the vein or artery.

Functional attributes

  • Straight fluid path accommodates flow rates of greater than 600 mL/min
  • Remains in place during the entire haemodialysis treatment period
  • Validated for continuous patient use for up to seven days
  • Silicone seal remains closed when not activated, closing the fluid path

How Tego™ works

Accessing the fluid path

  1. When Tego™ is not being accessed, the silicone seal forms a swabbable barrier to bacterial ingress.
  2. Attaching a dialysis bloodline to Tego™ activates the straight internal fluid path and creates a mechanically and microbiologically closed system.

Clinical advantages

  • Tego™ is a needle-free capping device which closes the end of a catheter, creating a mechanically and microbiologically closed system when attached to the hub of a catheter
  • Tego™ will permit access to the catheter without the use of needles, and therefore passively aid in the reduction of needlestick injuries.

Find out more about Tego™

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