Waterproof device for catheter exit-site protection

EXIT-POCKET® WP product overview


A catheter implantation affects a patients lifestyle and limits their habits regarding personal hygiene, as contact with water carries a high bacterial contamination risk and can increase infections related to the catheter. It is extremely important that the catheter exit-site and lumen remains dry.


EXIT-POCKET® WP is a waterproof bag that offers protection via complete catheter isolation from water, minimizing bacterial contamination risk. Patience can remain independent and once again enjoy the pleasure of a shower or swim.

EXIT-POCKET® WP is a comfortable and flexible product, developed to be used with all types of catheter available on the market today.


Device for exit-site protection. Waterproof pocket closed on four sides provided with adhesive hole to be fixed to the skin. Available also with opening/closing system at the bottom of the pocket.

Intended Use

Containment of the catheter lumens during patient’s hygiene and care procedures: suitable for protection of all exit-sites / catheters.


The device is completely waterproof: if well-positioned it protects the exit-site from getting in contact with water, preventing microbial contamination.

Available Models

S2005H/WP – Suggested for catheter without dressing

S2011H/WP – Suggested for catheter with medium dressing

S2013HL/WP – Suggested for catheter with large dressing (horizontal hole)

S2013HL/WP – Suggested for catheter with large dressing (vertical hole)

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