EXIT-PRO® AG SoftTouch

Antiseptic silver dressing for exit-site with cut and hole set on hypoallergenic adhesive



Not adherent pad with silver ion releasing layer applied on breathable non-woven fabric patch coated with a silicone based hypoallergenic adhesive gel with SoftTouch technology.

Intended Use

Complete dressing of the insertion points of intravascular devices. It does not require the use of secondary dressings. Compatible with all types of catheters of standard use.


The dressing performs a double action:

  • The silver ion-releasing film has an immediate and long-lasting antimicrobial action, helping to reduce the risk of local infections of exit-site and tunnel as well as the sepsis associated with the use of intravascular devices.
  • The SoftTouch adhesive film preserves the skin from mechanical damage caused by continuous removal of the patch (as a consequence of repeated treatments), helping tissue repair.

Optimal solution for patients experiencing dry, moist or scaly skin widespread in patients undergoing, for example, dialysis treatment.


Available Models

* Do not use silver dressings on patients sensitive to silver

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